“Shike strikes again with a simple reconfiguration of the key elements that we used in our first location. He improved the function and flow of the old space significantly, sourced some fun new fabrics, and eased the process along in good fashion. Can hardly wait for Round 3!”

Johnny Ballen/ Cochino Taco

Oh what a wonderful world of Johnny Beans. Round two of the taco champion’s delight at an iconic previous motorhead bar in the Baker District. We kept the main bar and restrooms in place, and added in the signature squiggle reclaimed wood dividers, rustic plow wheels, and awesome technicolor hand glazed tile backdrop wall. The bar back mahogany shelving and antique Bevedor are the finishing touches, repeating the playful appeal of the first location in Englewood. Pigs flew in rapidly, encircling the bar with a touch of many friend’s congrats on the expansion of the brand.