“The extension of our existing spaces reflects well with our 3rd location in Colorado. Dave added in a huge mural in the entry and more in the restrooms, with a nice blend of distressed wood elements and simple lighting to make a great design that represents our brand image.”

-Kristy Socarrás Bigelow

Cuba Cuba has been a main stay in Denver for the past decade, serving authentic Cuban fair from the cozy setting of two adjoined 19th century houses. The front bar was long overdue for a face lift. The client was concerned with maintaining the old aesthetic that the regulars came to recognize as a simple reflection of a Cuban environment. We sourced antiques metal gates, adorned with cut crystals from The Brown Palace, an iconic Denver element of the old west. The addition of rustic shutters, reclaimed glass doors, and patio trellis completed the back bar, with a printed wall mural of a classic Cuban Jazz band accenting the view through the space. We continued our with quick serve locations in Boulder and Denver, with the Denver location launching the franchise into quick service dining. The bar top was laid out by the owner and son in dominos, with reclaimed back bar shelving, a floor to ceiling Cuban street scene, and colorful walls under a slat drop ceiling element to warm up the dining room.