“We have had patrons recognize family members on the mug shot image in the restroom. Good story, bad response from the relative! We worked hard to keep historic spirit and the local seniors as a mainstay. It carries on the heritage.”


-David Schaich

This prohibition-era Denver staple has deep roots in the local Italian Mob, previously hosting a bootlegged moonshine operation and illegal gambling rings. When approached for the remodel, I knew respecting and retaining this rich and extensive history was of the utmost importance in the design. It would not be Gaetano’s without the local regulars who have kept this history alive. The original bar was left almost entirely intact with modern changes. Black and white images of the men and women at the heart of Gaetano’s history were used throughout the restaurant in a grand scale. Tufted booths and wrought iron accents refined the space while cove lighting and restoration of the original amber light columns recreated a clandestine atmosphere.