“Honey presented a fun and challenging design project, with a bar/beverage concept that would transform into an event space. Our initial concepts provided a variety of unique seating arrangements, or “pods” that would compliment Honey’s unusual beverage experience- a menu of elevated low and non-alcoholic elixirs. In addition to the daily operation of the bar, retractable geometric screens would open the space for additional seating and/or events. The collaboration of minds in the room brought exciting patterns, textures and materials, making the overall shape of the project create a life of its own, and exceptionally different to Denver.”

-Eli Hariton

(shike) design

Elixir bar meets event hall. The concept was a classy cocktail bar to transform with shogi screen walls and free floating furniture into an event space. We started with an industrial feeling box room with block walls and T structure cement ceiling. Adding in wood floors, dimensional wall paneling, and unique drop ceilings in veneered plywood and metal mesh would help to elevate the space and transform the raw space into an exciting step out of time and the local surroundings. The team disbanded in the end, so the concept has not come to life, but we would be happy to find a new location and owner/ operator to see it through.