“The transformation of a rough old building with many facelifts carried a personal impact with the puck rock theme of the venue. Many shows complete with mosh pits and token bands from the early days of the movement carried fond memories and experience as to what made the space unique.”
– David Schaich

The Marque Theater transformed from a Jazz Club set in a turn of the century building in the Ball Park district of Lower Downtown. The owner had not updated the space to a fully functional degree, yet the venue thrived in the underground concert scene. The bar had limited capacity, and the mezzanine did not adequately view the dance floor, with limited access to the upper level. We extended the bar in hot rolled steel to contrast the existing vintage western bar, adding more capacity in an existing dead zone. By extending the mid level mezzanine toward the stage, we created a box seat affect for better view, and opened the sight line and access area to the bar. A light slat ceiling in pine hid the rough ceiling and helped create a transition from the bar and mezzanine to the dance floor and stage.