These projects where the highlight of my product design career. They provided a platform to help understand the process of design in the business cycle. This was a  unique challenge of creating a functional product that integrates fluidly with facial anatomy while providing optical benefits and aesthetic appeal.


Smith Optics is the largest manufacturer of goggles worldwide. Their focus is creating quality eye wear for sport and fashion. They recognized an opportunity to expand into ballistic eye wear. We worked together to establish a language defining the design direction and goals, and developed a goggle and shield sunglasses to address impact and eye protection in combat environments. The challenge was to create designs with visual structure and friendly appeal for interaction with the civilian population. The shield addressed failure issues through the application of Smith’s existing IO lens retention system.



Suncloud sought a new line of sunglasses to address the needs of professional athletes participating in motion and impact oriented outdoor sports. The goal was to develop a line that addressed impact durability, variable light conditions, and varying anatomies, combined with a fashionable street appeal. A new concept in goggles was also implemented to add a technical product to the line. This design offered the benefits of shield sunglasses, with greater versatility and improved optics, integrating the shield into an adaptable goggle.

Additional sunglasses styles were also created for the existing sport and fashion lines to appeal to current trends, including Liz Claiborne, J Crew, Harley Davidson, and Twist snowboard apparel.