“This was a good challenge in timing and budget. Ten days to demo the bar, double the size of the raised area, patch and finish flooring, install a 30′ granite  bartop, paint, and hang sound insulation- bam! We love the challenge and nail the finish.”

-David Schaich

The client was looking for a face lift after purchasing the business 6 months prior to hiring (shike) to improve the functionality and aesthetic of the space, revise the logo, and consult on the menu. The existing layout was dysfunctional, with the bar area limited, and the dining room divided by a knee wall through the center of the space. We expanded the bar, increased the seating area, and separated the bar and dining areas to accommodate varying customer demographics. Repurposed French doors with jars of beans and other dry ingredients formed the demising wall. We addressed sound issues with overhead sound foam clouds, wall treatments in rough cedar, and reclaimed booth seating to save overall costs.