A creative and practical influence from childhood originated in Amish country Pennsylvania, including artisan fairs, graphic and product design, fine art, fashion culture, and interior design through family and friends. A formal degree in product, graphic design, and sculpture was accented by surrounding architecture, engineering, and performance and fine arts programs, establishing a sense of the cross pollination of disciplines. Inspiration motived by a competitive mountain sports lifestyle provides a heightened sense of adventure through the creative process. Following his first position as an eyewear designer for Bausch & Lomb developing sport and fashion brands, David established (shike)design to pursue a variety of design markets, including product, furniture, trade shows/ events, and hospitality interior design. The early years were accented by craftsman trades in construction, steel fabrication, and auto and aircraft mechanics, developing a working knowledge of design and engineering. Participation in the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in New York in 2004 with a line of ready to assemble furniture adds to the mix with mass manufacturing pursuits.

Shike Design | Hospitality and Commercial Interior Design


Creating environments begins with a comprehensive look at what the space and goal is as a whole. From concept through final construction, we consider every aspect of the surroundings, from the space planning, kitchen design, and interior aesthetic, through the light, sound, and graphic affects. We collaborate with resourceful contractors and custom fabrication facilities to produce one of a kind spaces. Our projects exude a cohesive design presentation through awareness of local and international trends, hands-on knowledge of construction, and our own sense of what it takes to create a highly functional, unique, welcoming environment.

We are a boutique design/ build firm that specializes in one of a kind restaurant and hospitality environments. We guide our clients in a collaborative, creative process with open ideas, manifesting tangible results. We stand apart from the rest through a hands on approach, providing custom concepts and simple solutions to meet budget and timing concerns. We are there every step of the way to ensure that the design becomes reality. We develop renderings to convey the concept and are on site with tools in hand to personally produce the finishing touches. Combining experience in product design, general contracting, carpentry, metalwork, fashion, custom fabrication, furniture design/ build, nightclubs, and farming resources, we offer a diverse, unique perspective that culminates in comprehensive, successful results. With our hands on experience in fabrication and construction, we understand the cost and process to bring everything that we create to reality. We don’t rely on other craftsman to design the details, they are our own. Our roll is to help our clients bring their ideas to life, with budget and timing always in mind, so that we never over design the goal. The form always melds with the function, as the design prevails, enhancing the customer’s experience.



hospitality + retail design/ build
exhibit design/ build


product design/ development
residential design/ build- contemporary focus
furniture/ lighting design/ build
architectural, MEP, structural engineering management
kitchen design
general contracting sourcing/ management
sub contracting sourcing/ management

(shike) produces the majority of our creations. The design/ build process is essential to successful results. We provide planning, interior design, development, and production services. Our clients carry direct contact with the senior designer throughout the design, development, and production phases. We contract and manage the architectural, engineering, fabrication, and kitchen design process. We interface with the general contractor during the corn shell development to unsure that the design comes together as planned.

Additionally we offer branding, identity, and menu design services. We are a one stop, all inclusive design/ build resource. We build the team specific to the client’s goals, helping to maintain realistic budgets and comprehensive results.