“Dave was great to work with on this remodel. His one stop shop approach made the process easy for us- from design and planning through construction management. The details were delivered and goals were achieved with minimal involvement on our end. I was confident in trusting his experience on many of the design and detail decisions. The result was a unique, vibrant space with a great appeal to a broad demographic. We look forward to working with him again.”

Juan Padro
Culinary Creative, Tap & Burger Concepts

Round two if this fabulous team of Culinary Creatives adds to the quiver with a second location in Boulder, CO. This 5th generation space carried existing rustic elements, primarily large hand hewn beams throughout the space that compliment the brand details establish with the original design. An entry pergola in rough cedar creates a transition into the Tel Aviv inspired surrounding, with the Bauhaus style custom wallpaper drawing your eye to the back of stretched room. The addition of a low wall helps divide the bar and dining central area, with a second pergola creating a passageway to the lower level bohemian speakeasy- inspired by Dahab, a coastal neighborhood in the region. Abundant succulents and jute bar swing seats present a cozy and playful feeling to comfortably compliment the more refined upstairs dining and bar scene.

Photography by: KJ STUDIOS