“This was a feat in pre- show production and set-up, from the overall size and complexity of the structures, to the video and lighting details. With fluid graphic design and clean construction detail, this large exhibit came together without a hitch.”

-David Schaich

Hydrogenworks was a non-profit created to promote hydrogen fuel cell technology as an alternative fuel resource. The primary platform was a traveling educational exhibit which would showcase various companies and products related to the field. I was originally contracted to create a design for the exhibit that would be produced by a trade show house, but on the eleventh hour, the client’s construction budget was slashed by sixty percent, calling for a modified design and a smaller production team. I gathered the appropriate resources and formed a team to produce the exhibit. Three primary pavilions were designed, originally with custom plywood ribs, then modified to be constructed from an existing tube and bracket system to reduce costs and assembly time. Informational graphics skinned the inside, with large projection screens covering the outside of each structure, creating a surround theater centered within the exhibit. The center piece included trussing to mount the light, sound, and video elements, as well as to showcase Ford Motor’s hydrogen powered concept car.