Combining experience in product design, general contracting, carpentry, metalwork, fashion, custom fabrication, furniture design/ build, nightclubs, and farming resources, we offer a diverse, unique perspective that culminates in comprehensive, successful results. With our hands on experience in fabrication and construction, we understand the cost and process to bring everything that we create to reality. Our roll is to help our clients bring their ideas to life, with budget and timing always in mind, so that we never over design the goal.


RockShox pioneered mountain bike suspension in the late 1980’s. Standing on the forefront of the cycling industry, they demanded improvement in the product performance and aesthetics. These projects resulted in two production products for the international bicycling market.

PSYLO mountain bike fork
The goal was to increase rigidity of the component body without a significant weight increase. RockShox had the lightest fork on the market, but this comprised the rigidity of the brace that connects the lower stanchion tubes. Along with this, there was a need to create a new aesthetic to appeal to current trends in mountain bike designs. This was achieved through a more flowing integration of the elements of the fork.

RUBY road bike fork
The goal of the design was to integrate the styling with the aesthetics of road bikes. There was a demand to meet the needs of the European pro racing circuit, where certain events were held on rough cobblestone courses, as well as to address the needs of road touring cyclists who sought a smoother ride. The Ruby was the first lightweight front suspension fork for road bikes.


Electric bikes are a sound solution to environmentally conscious urban commuting. With a variety of designs already on the market, a challenge existed to create a bike with a longer battery life, more responsive handling, and greater aesthetic appeal. The engineer behind this concept had the first two factors under control, but was looking for more style appeal to help set the bike apart. A carbon fiber frame design provided a clean integration platform for the battery compartment and related mechanics through a sculptural design of the mainframe.



Smith Optics is the largest manufacturer of goggles worldwide. Their focus is creating quality eyewear for sport and fashion. They recognized an opportunity to expand into ballistic eyewear. We worked together to establish a language defining the design direction and goals, and developed a goggle and shield sunglass to address impact and eye protection in combat environments. The challenge was to create designs with visual structure and friendly appeal for interaction with the civilian population. The shield addressed failure issues through the application of Smith’s existing IO lens retention system.