This was a learning curve on educating the client and contractor on preservation of vintage materials and environments. With the elegancy of the found objects and reclaimed bar back, we pushed hard to maintain the rustic charm, yet the client insisted on refinishing to the look of new. It worked out well in the end.

David Schaich

Sincere thanks to the whole Shike Design team!”

-Brandon Bortles- Owner/ Operator

The Alley Bar as it came to be named by the locals was a space connected to a local Italian restaurant chain. This franchise owner went the extra mile on the reclaimed elements, including a vintage bar back purchased in the Mid West. The bar was in a former alley, so it was a long narrow space in the bar room. We were fortunate to uncover an original Coca Cola painted mural under the plaster. The reclaimed gym floor accented the bar back. We matched the mix wood species of the bar back in the new bar front and top. Most thought the entire space was something restored from decades ago.